You Will Call Me Drog

Carolrhoda Books, September, 2011

Usborne Children’s Books UK, 2012

In this fresh, funny, and slightly dark coming-of-age story,  11-year-old Parker faces an unexpected challenge. Having  a sarcastic talking puppet named Drog stuck on his hand ruins everything for Parker--his love of making things, his best-friendship with Wren, his chances of being normal at school, and his hopes for more respect and understanding from his distant father.  

Drog foils Parker’s every attempt to get him off.  Over the puppet’s objections, Parker signs up for aikido class, where he is accepted, Drog and all, and begins to learn different ways of treating an opponent. The puppet can’t do anything except talk. “Take it from Drog,” he says, “You’re nothing without a voice.  Nada.”  Parker must find his own voice in order to free himself from Drog and take control of his life.


My Dog Has Flies: Poetry  for Hawaii’s Kids

BeachHouse Publications, 2005

Fire in the Sea: An Anthology of Poetry and Art

Edited by Sue Cowing

University of Hawaii Press, 1996

   Fire in the Sea is an imaginative and colorful collection of more than 150 poems containing work by poets from many Pacific lands - Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and New Zealand, among others - as well as from Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Ranging from the thirteenth century to the twentieth, from the widely read to the newly uncovered, the poems were gathered especially but not exclusively for young readers. Most were written in English, but a few were translated from their original languages. Teachers and students of literature as well as a wide range of general readers will enjoy this attractive international collection of poetry and art.


All the illustrations are from the permanent collections of the Honolulu Academy of Arts. 

This book of rhymed verse is the first collection of poems about life in Hawaii written especially for the children of the islands.  No glossary  “translates” local terms or sayings for people who live elsewhere, but these things become clear in the poems themselves.  Many of the poems are funny, some are thought-provoking, some are both.  Lively illustrations by Honolulu cartoonist Jon J. Murakami add to the book’s delight.

2006 Ka Palapala Po‘okela Award for Excellence in Children’s Books from the Hawaii Publishers Association      

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Review: “The art here is consistently lovely and surprising, and the poems are instantly accessible and tangible, filled with a sense of plain-speaking, direct language. Nothing could be more exciting than for just a moment to both feel the mystery and begin to understand."

--San Jose Mercury News

Awards: Two Ka Palapala Po‘okela book awards from the Hawai‘i Book Publishers Association, 1997