You Will Call Me Drog

                By Sue Cowing

Carolrhoda Books, 2011; Usborne UK, 2012


I made this puppet so I could hear Drog’s voice and  feel what Parker was going through. Drog began as a ball of clay and scraps of paper and fabric, so it’s still a mystery, even to me, where his voice came from.  Getting to know Drog.jpg Yes, I can get him off my hand, but it took a lot of practice!  Fortunately, he loves to travel.  

Want to help him get out of


                    Click on:  Drog’s Blog

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Sweeping the Legos off my desk, I got out a pencil and paper and pulled the puppet out of my pack.  I couldn’t seem to get it to go on, so I tried it on my left hand.  Perfect fit.  Funny, I didn’t know there were left- and right-hand puppets.

        I cleaned the dirt off it with my T-shirt.  The minute I wiped its face, it said, “You will call me Drog.”

       Whoa.  I whipped my head around.  Nobody else in the room.

      “Zounds, Boy!” the voice said. “You actually live in this hovel?”

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