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Drog claims to have been so many places--the Shaolin Temple in China, the emir’s palace and a desert oasis somewhere in the Middle East, Mongolia, Canton, Ohio--but even Parker doesn’t know how much of this to believe. 


Has anyone seen Drog in Peoria? 

You can help send Drog on a whirlwind virtual tour of the whole country and beyond, and provide him with proof.   Here’s how:

Remember, when you send in a picture or comment, you’re eligible to Win a Rock.

Drog predicts he will visit hundreds of towns this way and all fifty states by Christmas.  Really? If you have a friend or two in another town or state, please humor Drog and pass the word to them.

Check here to see where else he’s been:  Drog’s Travels      



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 Include the picture or book cover in a photo you take of your school, your library, or some unique place in your town that you think Drog would find amusing.   

Give your picture a label if you like--maybe add a comment from Drog, or your comment about him.  Don’t worry if someone in your city has already posted a photo--you know another good place in town to take one, don’t you?

3.  Send pictures (jpeg only, please!) and comments to:  callmedrog@gmail.com     Subject line:  “Drog’s Blog”  

We do know that Drog has actually been to Italy, because here’s a picture of him with editor Andrew Karre at the 2011 Bologna Book Fair. 

And wait-- he has too been to Mongolia to visit the Great Khan (Chingis that is, not Cue-ball).

The authorities almost didn’t allow him in, but that’s another story. . .