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Comments & Reviews for You Will Call Me Drog:  

. . . . there is nothing else out there quite like this. . . . A unique look at speaking your mind; as Drog says, “You’re nothing without a voice.”  Booklist

“I hope when they make the movie version of You Will Call Me Drog they let Sue Cowing write the screenplay.  But even if they got a time machine and brought young Hailey Joel Osmond back to star as Parker and tapped Gary Oldman to play both the father and Drog and the whole affair was directed by M. Night Shalyman (also brought back in a time machine from a time when he still made good movies), the resulting film would not equal the experience of reading the book. . . .

“So, it’s time to apply the principal of Ockham’s Razor and determine the most likely scenario: has a magical puppet taken control of Parker’s hand for the purposes of destroying his social life one piece at  a time, or is it possible the whole thing is happening mostly in Parker’s mind. The brilliance of this story is that Cowing never tells us for sure which scenario is actually playing out. She provides plenty of evidence for both arguments, and though she strongly hints in favor of one, she never decides for the reader whether Drog is real.”--  Robert Kent, Middle -Grade Ninja

“This is a riveting read, one that will stay with you long after the covers are closed."

           -Kathi Appelt, author of The Underneath, Newbery Honor Book and National Book Award


“A multi-cultural gem. . . .Drog is the anti-Pinocchio of middle school. He tells the truth! But reader beware: DROG is hard to put down. This is a laugh out loud story about a sassy puppet and the boy who gloved him. (Sorry, Drog made me do it!!)”
           --John H. Ritter, author of
The Boy Who Saved Baseball

“Title-character Drog gives new meaning to the phrase ‘hand-puppet’ as he attaches his ancient self to a bewildered boy in this inventive tale of puppetry and empowerment.”
          --Richard Peck, author of 
A Long Way from Chicago, Newbery Award Honor Book
                                       and National Book  Award finalist

"Strange, Creepy, Amazing! Parker's life is a blend of everyday reality and complete, unexplainable weirdness. All he wants is to find a way to be himself."

            --Kathleen Duey, author of Skin Hunger, National Book Award finalist

“I loved this book because it engaged my emotions. And that’s why I read, to be moved, to be touched. This book doesn’t need glitz. It stands on its own. Loved it.”
              --Graham Salisbury, author of Under the Blood-Red Sun.

“A solid debut.”   Kirkus

BOOK LAUNCH!   A large crowd of young and old was on hand for You Will Call Me Drog’s launch party  September 3rd, 2011 at Barnes & Noble, Kahala Mall, in Honolulu.  There were door prizes, favors ,cake, and  book signings by Drog and me.  Best of all, Drog now has a new favorite dancing girl!  She’s Tamima, aka picture-book writer/illustrator Tammy Yee.

Celebrate Reading Festival, 2013, April 12

Middle school, high school , and college students  will gather to discuss books by Sue Cowing, John H. Ritter and other writers and meet with the authors.  Sponsored by the Hawaii Committee for the Humanities.

Saturday, April 12 from 9:30-2:30  at Kauai Community College 3-1901 Kaumuali´i Highway
Lihue, HI 96766  808-245-8311,

“If this were a book for adults, the puppet on Parker’s hand would likely go on a ghoulish rampage, with the boy naturally getting the blame.But this story from the start has echoes of the series “Goose Bumps” – slightly scary mystery/horror stories that are nevertheless safe for the middle school audience; kids can empathize with Parker’s personal nightmare without having bad dreams of their own.” -- Paul Eide, The Puppetry Journal

Honors for You Will Call Me Drog:

--named a 2012 Honor Book in the K-6 Language Arts category  by the Society of School Librarians International

--2011 VOYA Top Shelf for Middle School Readers